Watching all the PSU students exhibit their support for their “hero” by rioting in the streets is equal parts distressing and disturbing.

I wonder how many of them have actually taken the time to read through the 23 pages of the Grand Jury report.

I did.

Through a flood of tears.

And haven’t really slept since.

Haven’t stopped thinking of all those young men who will carry the scars that Sandusky has branded them with into their lives for the rest of their lives.

Haven’t stopped thinking of all those single mothers who were surely so grateful to have a prominent, “upstanding” male in the community take an interest in their sons and help guide them to also be “upstanding” men only to have their precious babies preyed upon because of their more vulnerable single parent home status.

Haven’t stopped thinking about the fact that at ANY POINT IN TIME ANY ONE OF THE ADULTS who saw or heard about or even suspected the abuse could have spared these young men a lifetime’s worth of pain from those scars that will never heal.

I wonder how many of the students in the streets, once they have children of their own, will understand how truly misguided their support of ANYONE who KNOWINGLY allows a molester to continue to abuse really is.

I won’t even bother going into why it is SO FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG that those in positions of authority at PSU thought it was best to put “program” and “university” interests above HUMAN interests because I could go on ranting all day but just because Joe Paterno and other members of the faculty possibly (and I use that term possibly in the LOOSEST sense) fulfilled their full “legal obligations”, we as members of humanity have a MORAL OBLIGATION TO EACH OTHER and THAT is why heads should roll over this scandal. THAT is why these men should be without jobs at the VERY least. THAT is why they are ALL culpable in this.

Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Jack Raykovitz, Graham Spanier, Wendell Courtney, Detective Ronald Shreffler, Detective Ralph Ralston, Investigator Jerry Lauro, District Attorney Ray Gricar, Director of Campus Police Thomas Harmon (who told Ray Gricar to CLOSE THE CASE!), members of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, University Police, Pennsylvania State Police, Centre County Children & Youth Services and even graduate assistant Mike McQueary, janitor Jim Calhoun, staff members Ronald Petrosky and Jay Witherite and even the MOTHER who KNEW and confronted Sandusky about the abuse of her son but was persuaded for whatever reason to NOT DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUSTICE FOR HER SON and consequently save OTHER CHILDREN each share blame in this unacceptably tragic situation.

We are ALL guilty of ALL the good WE DO NOT DO while we’re here on the planet and to turn a blind eye to evil is in itself an act of evil. If anyone is to be outraged, let the outrage be that we live in a society where it is still permissible to remain silent in cases such as these.